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Overcoming Chronic Pain

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treats disorders by changing patterns of behaviour and thought that may be unhelpful. It is now internationally established as a key method of helping overcome longstanding and disabling conditions, both psychological and physical.

This book provides a clinically proven self-help approach to pain management based on the authors' work with sufferers at Bradford Hospital. Chronic pain that has lasted more than six months can be caused by a number of factors including stress, prolonged muscle tension and the fact that nerves carrying the pain message have developed a long-term 'memory' for the pain. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help patients become more active, relieve negative feelings, reduce their distress and help them to manage pain more effectively.

· Helps you understand why pain persists when there's no injury or disease present

· Explains how to use drugs more effectively

· Gives guidance for how to become fitter and more active

· Practical tips on improving sleep and relaxation

· Better management of depression, anxiety and anger

· Advice on maintaining healthy and happy relationships with family and friends

Drawing on feedback from hundreds of pain patients, Overcoming Chronic Pain will help readers escape from the distressing cycle of chronic pain.