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Ten Minutes To Happiness

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Ten Minutes to Happiness is a therapeutic self-help programme based on a six- step formula designed to lift your mood and improve your mental health.

Dr Mann's six steps are underpinned by psychological principles and have been tried and tested amongst many of her clients at The MindTraining Clinic in Manchester.

By spending just 10 minutes completing your happiness journal each day, you will build up a record of your experiences in six simple areas:

- Pleasure: Things that were enjoyed that day

- Positive Strokes: Praise or feedback received during the day

- Lucky Me: Good fortune you encountered that day

- Achievements: Reasons to say 'well done me', however small

- Gratitude: Blessings to be counted

- Random Acts of Kindness: Kind acts you have performed that day

The more you use this journal, the more your mood will benefit and the happier you will be, by appreciating the positive aspects of your life, rather than dwelling on the negative.