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7 Tips for Managing Worry and Anxiety

12 June 2019 15:51

In Marie Chellingsworth and Paul Farrand's book How To Beat Worry And Generalised Anxiety Disorder One Step At A Time, you will find effective techniques for managing your worry. In this article we have picked out top tips from other people who have worked through the techniques in this book, and practitioners who have supported the use of them.

Tip 1  ‘The best advice I can give would be that it is OK to feel anxious and not to worry if you worry sometimes! I no longer fear feeling this way and know I can manage what the future throws at me.’

Tip 2  ‘Know your red flag early warning signs. Watch for times when you feel more stressed or when big things happen in your life. I share my list with my wife and she sometimes notices before me that I am getting nervy again.’

Tip 3  ‘Remember, it is doing the opposite that can often help. When I notice I don’t feel like doing something, like going to see a friend, I make sure I still go. When I notice I am worrying sat in a chair, I get up and do something else.’

Tip 4  ‘Focus on the present moment. If you notice that you are having worrying thoughts that are distracting you, the best thing to do is an activity that focuses your attention.’

Tip 5  ‘Think about small changes you can make that add up to big changes you may still want to do. Think of the big change as like the end destination you put in your Sat Nav. Even when it feels far off, there are roads you can take to get nearer to where you want to be. Just make sure you are still heading in the right direction.’

Tip 6  ‘Reflect on how far you have come.’

Tip 7  ‘Don’t get too focused on reviewing your mood, anxiety or worrying, but stick to a regular wellbeing day. Remember that your anxiety will fluctuate up and down at times – that is normal and OK!’