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It Shouldn't Be This Way

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Every life-changing experience, be it the loss of a function, a job or a friendship, or the death of a loved one, can be excruciating. Illness can forever alter our life and our abilities. And what makes it even more challenging is that many other people might fail to understand how challenging our adjustment to "normalcy" might be. Because there is no "normal" in these experiences. How can there be?
When people hear the word acceptance, they might assume that it means being OK with what happened in the past or with how things currently are. In fact, there is a difference between acceptance and "feeling good" about what happened - acceptance means allowing yourself to feel whatever emotions naturally come up in response to what you are going through. It means acknowledging the reality of the pain, even though in an ideal world, it shouldn't be that way.
This therapeutic and comforting self-help guide will help you:

  • Give yourself the permission to grieve or process events in the way that makes sense to you
  • To fully experience and accept your feelings of anger, grief, frustration or anxiety
  • To own your truth, even if it makes others uncomfortable

This essential book will teach you to understand and be able to accept the difficult moments and circumstances in your life and make room for how you feel about them. And with this kind of an acceptance, there can be healing.