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Overcoming Perfectionism

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Free evidence-based resources for understanding and treating perfectionism can be found here

How to break the circle of 'never good enough'.

Striving for something can be a healthy and positive attribute; it's good to aim high. But sometimes whatever we do just isn't good enough; we want to be too perfect and start setting unrealistic goals.

Such high levels of perfectionism, often driven by low self-esteem, can turn against success and develop into unhealthy obsession, triggering serious mental-health problems, such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), on which this self-help book is based, has been found to be a highly effective treatment and provides relief from that disabling sense of not being good enough.

In this essential self-help guide, you will learn:

- How clinical perfectionism manifests itself

- Effective coping strategies with invaluable guidance on how to avoid future relapse