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Helping Your Child with a Physical Health Condition

Helping Your Child
Helping Your Child
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Has your child received a medical diagnosis for a long term illness or health condition?

If so, this can be a stressful time for you both. You may have noticed changes in your relationship and behaviour towards your child. For example many parents feel that their child needs more understanding, is more fragile or is struggling to cope physically or emotionally. Your discipline parenting style may change if you feel that they 'suffer enough' already.

Parents often find their confidence and judgement gets knocked off track in the early stages following a diagnosis, but given time and support, they do adapt and develop resilience in themselves and in their child.

This book can help you with:
· Emotional support for managing difference and dealing with difficult behaviour
· Practical suggestions for easing hospital anxiety or navigating feeding problems
· Advice on what to say and when to your child about their illness
· How to ensure you don't neglect yourself or the rest of your family

Written by experts in childhood illness, this step-by-step guide is for any parent who feels isolated or lacking in support.