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The Kindness Workbook

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An interactive workbook that aims to boost wellbeing and help people be kinder to themselves and others.

Life can be a juggling act. Our bodies and hormones change as we grow, usually at the same time as important decisions about our future need to be made. We often put extra pressure on ourselves, compare ourselves unfavourably to others and excessively worry about what they think. Add in exams, interviews, social media, peer pressure, celebrity culture and everyday stressors, and it's no wonder our wellbeing can take a nosedive.

The Kindness Workbook is here to help you navigate such complex times and combines eye-catching illustrations and interactive worksheets with amazing ideas and practices from a variety of therapies to give your wellbeing a boost, help you to value your true self and introduce you to creative exercises such as guided imagery, mindfulness, mind maps, vision boards, creative writing, music, physical activity and art.

A must-have book for young people and anyone working with young people to enhance wellbeing. Your kindness journey starts right here. So, it's time to become your own best friend, instead of your own worst enemy.