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Living Well With Tinnitus

Living Well
Living Well
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Worldwide, about one billion people experience tinnitus at some point in their life. It is a life-changing experience for many of them. Learning effective management strategies in a timely fashion is the key to dealing with this difficult condition.

This book combines cutting-edge knowledge of auditory science and theoretical frameworks in modern psychology with insight and real-life, human examples from clinical practice. Packed with metaphors and practical tips, the authors aid understanding of complex concepts by introducing an accessible and entertaining cast of characters from history and fiction, from Beauty and the Beast to Moby Dick, from Dante to Muhammad Ali, and from Sigmund Freud to Rumi.

By following the advice in this book, you will:

  • Gain a realistic picture of what the recovery from tinnitus-related distress looks like
  • Learn how to go beyond the difficulties and annoyance caused by tinnitus and pay attention to the meanings behind those experiences
  • Develop skills that are proven to help on your journey.

Everything that you need to know about living well with tinnitus is presented in ten steps!