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Mental health resources to help during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic marked an unprecedented time for the world. Alongside the obvious health concerns around actually getting the virus, a situation like this can be the cause of mental health problems, or a major factor in worsening existing problems. These might include health anxieties and other worries, or feelings of panic. They might include depression, loneliness and, for many, feelings of grief over loved ones that have died from the virus. Just being under lockdown with your closest family or friends might have caused new stresses and relationship problems, as might the relatively unusual world of remote working. 

The Robinson psychology list of books, including the Overcoming series, contains many resources that can help with these problems, using techniques from evidence-based therapies. The related titles below are just a small selection of the many books that may be of use, and you should explore further on the Overcoming website if there are particular problems that are relevant to you.