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How Can I Help My Child?

There are clinically-proven and cost-effective treatments for mental health and associated problems in children and young people, most of which are based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Early intervention in the course of a mental health problem has been shown to reduce the risk of later problems. However, only a small minority of parents ever seek professional help for their child’s problems. When they do seek advice, the professionals they may speak to, such as GPs, nurses or teachers, may have had limited training in psychological problems and therefore may not be in a position to be able to provide the most accurate or up-to-date advice. When children and young people are referred for treatment to specialist services in the NHS, they may not be considered to be severe enough to be eligible for a service or if they are eligible, typically have a long wait for therapy. In these instances, self-help may be a valuable route to take for advice and help.

The Reading Well for Young People recommended book list is a good place to start when finding support in this area. Robinson also publishes several titles aimed at younger readers and at their parents.